Study of the Prophecies

The Bible, especially the Old Testament, speaks with double or deliberately ambiguous meanings. Sometimes it uses metaphors to reveal knowledge hidden in a masterful display of planning, and these secrets are also proof of the existence of a Superior being who is the architect of them. This is so because many of these meanings are revealed today, 2000 and 3000 years after they were written; being impossible therefore that they would have been transferred from generation to generation. These meanings, surprisingly, are also confirmed by other religions such as Islam, which also constitute paths set by the same God.

Some of the most important:

  • Fundamental principles to understand the prophecies.
  • Daniel’s Sealed Prophecy
  • The Revelation
  • Prefigurations
  • Postfigurations

Fundamental principles to understand the prophecies.

The secrets of the Bible have been written down so that in our time they will be revealed. All the prophecies, and many words, find another full meaning beyond the one they show; all from this principle, as crazy as it may seem:

Man already lived with God before the universe and the world. In fact there was a betrayal in which some wished to have more «Essence of God» that gave us Life (then these will be the demons or fallen). They rose up against God, and convinced others that they did not hate, but still coveted it (Eve). For love of the latter there were others who, without coveting, followed them, betraying also (Adam). These figures will be repeated constantly in the Bible under other names.

God tries to save us, because He loves us, but He cannot act unjustly, He is who He is. Nor can He live with evil. After our repentance He could have saved those who did not hate or covet, but betrayed for Love. But the fallen ones cry out for justice and desire the same fate, for they too have betrayed.

Thus, God has only one way to save us. To create a new Nature that escapes from that justice, for which it was not enough to create man and link him with our souls. He would have to make the new Nature suitable also to receive the «Essence of God». And so, the first of those created in heaven, the one who maintained the Essence of God in the maximum intensity, the one who pleased God and made the heavenly nature suitable: to be created independent of God with the Essence of God in his interior (Jesus – two natures already in heaven, part created, part divine), had to make the new nature valid for man with a sacrifice of infinite Love. Since Jesus was the validating or founding principle of the heavenly nature (created by God) that validated man, no fallen creature could attribute injustice to this «re-creation», since it would be to declare his own creation unjust.

From this we can deduce this other fundamental principle in the prophecies:

The Eves, who allowed themselves to be deceived by the fallen and then convinced the Adam in heaven, on earth will not have ears for God and will continue to listen to the idols and demons of the world. In the same way, the Adam will have ears for God and will be able to convert the Eve, and it will be because of their experience of Life.

Thus, they are contrasted in the Bible:

Daughters of men (Genesis 6:12 and others). It is designated in feminine, as Eve not because they are women but to differentiate. Children of God

Cattle. They cannot be separated from the world and are at the mercy of reptiles (demons).
Birds (Genesis 7,13-16 and others). In Noah’s ark (which saves us from the first death) all kinds of birds, cattle and snakes (reptiles, vermin) are put. Birds can be separated from the world (Adam, they will listen to God).
Deaf, Blind, ‘those outside’. Constant references in the Bible. He who has ears… , inscribed in the Book of Life
Race of Canaan Race of Judah

Different names that designate common characters.

SerpentEveAdam Genesis
Pharaoh and his magiciansDaughters of menSons of the gods 
ReptilesLivestock, cattleBirds, Fowl 
Assur or Assyria; AramEphraimJudahJerusalemIsaiah
 Race of CanaanRace of Judah, Chosen People, Book Enrolled (Life/Israel)Fish (10 plagues and apocalypse)Bible in General
Burs, thornsDeaf, hear but do not listenThey have earsBrother of the prodigal sonGospel
 FoolsProdigal son
Rider and his Red HorseGreen Horse (part)Black Horse (part)White HorseRevelation  
Burning Mountain, Red Dragon, Beast, Burning Mountain 2º LivingBeast 2nd, with the same power of the Beast (convincing and condemning) False prophet 4thLivingMoon (reflects the sunlight, has ears for the Word of God) 3rd LivingStars, Mosquitoes, Horseflies 1st Living