Islam, also True Faith



It is important to read Studies in Prophecy to understand why Christianity and Islam (and some others) are apparently different religions that emanate from the same God, the one God.

We must then put ourselves in the origin, in heaven before the first death. There we each had a different development, all equal in what we were but different in size or «ages», if you like. God provides what is needed (and asks the minimum for each of us) to save us. And He also keeps us apart on purpose for our own good.

Letter to a Muslim

False, the Muslim who hates. False, the Imam that hatred preaches.

First of allConcepts sometimes used differently
PersonIt consists of our freedom and made decisions. Our way of being («be» with small letters).
LoveReferred always love as a feeling, not sexual. As the feeling of a mother for her child that protects him over his own life.
Holy SpiritFor the Christian, it’s not St. Gabriel as it is for Muslims. It is God (Allah) in some intensity, the One who makes you feel great inside and helps you to carry calmly the sufferings of the world.
SinAction of unlove. Not necessarily those established ‘legally’.

False Muslim is the one who hates, because in no verse is it written that you hate; more than five hundred times Allah’s mercy and compassion are mentioned.

The aleyas that call for the struggle in defense of Islam, were written to keep the right path in the right direction of the Muslim people, because Allah wanted to give this path for the salvation of many. At that time, there were wars that expelled people and killed for their faith. Today it is not like that. It is not Allah or his word that changes, it is we men.

Thus, the prophet does not contradict himself when he says:

Sura 5:66. If they would observe the Torah, the Gospel and the Revelation that they have received from their Lord, they would enjoy the goods of heaven and earth. There is among them a community that remains moderate, but how badly do many others of them!

And this is another:

Sura 25:52. Do not, therefore, obey the infidels and fight hard against them through him.

For it is not a war against other religions, not even against the deaf, not even those who apostatize from Islam, the infidels, but it is a struggle for the defense of Islam, against the one who wanted to divert you («do not obey») from the path laid out by Allah for the Muslims.

Sura 5,57. Believers! Do not take as friends those who, having received the Scripture before you, take your religion as a mockery and as a game, nor do you take the infidels. And fear God, if you are believers!

In this verse he is not defending himself against Christians or Jews, but against those who, among them, mock the Muslim faith; for he who takes the Muslim faith in nothing, will necessarily try to convert you to his religion, and in fact he will try of good will.

So crazy is the soldier who still kills a hundred years after a war, as the one who pretends to say that from the holy Quran you can get a drop of hatred.

Today no one wars for converting a Muslim or expels from a land because of religion. The false Muslims are the only ones who kill, dirtying the Muslim faith by calling themselves such. Beware of them because hatred is the breath and the devil’s own language.

If you had two children and one of them was lame, wouldn’t you give this one a wheelchair so that together with the other one he could get to a good shelter? There is only one God, we are the different ones. What if the brother without a chair wanted to take the chair away from the other so that he could move without it, encouraging him to walk with both legs? Would you as his father allow it? No. Or if you are not present, wouldn’t you send an envoy to say: «Don’t listen to your brother, who doesn’t know what he’s talking about»? Because without the chair your son would crawl and perhaps not reach a good shelter. Allah is never going to put us through a test that we cannot overcome. He who renounces his faith to praise Allah, God, from another faith is in danger of not having enough strength to walk the new way.

 Allah, Yahweh, God are the same. Mercy, compassion, love are his true Essence. This is the Essence that we must pursue in order to unite with Him. I am not saying that you are lame; I am saying that you are different from me. It is no coincidence that you were born into a Muslim village, just as it is no coincidence that I am a Christian.

In this way I believe that a Muslim should not make the Christian norms his own (nor vice versa, of course), except in relation to the love and mercy that both religions have in common, because if God has given you this way, it will undoubtedly be because It is prepared for you. For you must know that two parallel straights led by mercy are two straight paths in the right direction, (as parallels that tend towards infinity). That being the case, you cannot let yourselves be deceived and led astray by hatred, for that is not what the Quran preaches.

As for Jesus Christ and with the Quran in your hand, you should know that it is much more that unites us than that which separates us. We do not think that Christ is another god or a different little god. We know that there is only one God, who is the same one you call Allah. Christ is indeed a son in that his person is created by God, just as your soul was created by God, not by your parents; you were also a son in creation. However, if you have ever felt Allah within you, the one who gives you real life, you will know that He becomes one with you, in perfect communion; that part that when you are in a state of grace joins you, is not a created part, it is Allah in some intensity. Christ, our brother in the created, keeps that Essence of God in his interior in the maximum intensity, that is why I say that he has created nature and Divine nature. Not because he is another God, but because he speaks to us from the source. The fact that we can feel God within us (the Sakina, for it is God who gives us tranquillity or the state of grace) does not mean that there is a god in each one of us. It is the same God who crosses us with greater or lesser intensity depending on how far or how close we are to the source, to Infinite Love.

The Holy Quran tells us that Jesus Christ was not born of man, nor dead, when we know that no man, nor the prophet, not even Abraham, nor any other, stopped being born and dying. And we reason no more. Christ is different from all men, because He was the first person created in heaven able to live in God or live with Him within, if you will, and in so doing pleased Allah who initiated creation; in fact, He is the only created one who speaks to us from the very source. He was the first created before our first death, before any other, is the complacent one who propitiated our creation. In the world, after our betrayal in heaven (or having broken the oath in Eden, which is the same thing, I explain in the book), and having emptied ourselves of Allah, Jesus is the one who proves Nature man by pleasing God (that is, he is capable of harboring the Holy Spirit, under the worst trial in the world; to love under torment being a man), so he does not die in what he is. Allah could only save us in a new Nature that escaped heavenly justice, otherwise we would be united to the destiny of Iblis, our brother also in creation, who also betrayed God, but also hated Him; he was not given a body, but is with us, haunting our ears, also for righteousness’ sake, for in heaven we listen to him and let ourselves be deceived, here we are to choose God not him. Otherwise it would be to fall into the same sin or to break our covenant with God also in this nature. Since that day of the cross, in Jerusalem, all men, of every nation and religion, can harbor God, Allah, as long as one loves and is merciful like Him. Our Nature man becomes capable, we can Live with Allah within us. But that is not enough, Allah has set those paths guided by mercy for us to use our freedom when choosing Him, the 7 religions of which the Bible speaks (I have also explained it). He has set different but similar standards; different examinations for our different ‘nations’ (those classrooms in the school I was talking about). Different rules that test our freedom to choose you. God makes us free, He doesn’t want slaves. So knowing this, you must never cease to follow the rules that as a Muslim have been given to you, and be merciful as is our Father Allāh, God. And it will be good for you to recognize Jesus at least as your elder brother who propitiated our salvation as men. The ancient Jews ignored him, Mohammed says; let us not be like them, for Christ is sent to all mankind, not only to them; of course.Well, I have already written how Christ, our elder brother in creation, justifies us in Man Nature. In the essay I have shown irrefutable proofs that were hidden in the Scriptures even for those who for centuries and millennia have devoted themselves to studying them.   

Allah loves you, and desires to dwell in you; He desires you to be saved, but He is who He Is. He cannot commit injustice, He cannot deny Himself; this is why we are in this world. We all committed treason against Allah, but the greater was that of Iblis, who proudly hated Allah. That was our fall from the Gardens to the earth. But Allah has made us men so that as such we can choose this time to be faithful to Allah and thus save us. In righteousness, by one command, He could not save us without saving Iblis also, for we were all traitors. Thus, He has given us this new nature by disassociating us from who we were and from the former righteousness, but this man nature had to please Allah so that, again, as a new creation, He could keep His Essence (the Holy Spirit, God) within. The new Nature was to be tested with extreme love, by the same one who pleased Allah in the first creation, in heaven; by the same founding principle: he who on earth is not created by man, nor dead as he is; Jesus.

But Allah, although He has prepared different and valid ways for us, does not lie either in the Quran or in the Scriptures; for as I say, He is the One who Is. Thus, indeed Christ was created in the person, by God the Father, and when He says that it seemed that they crucified Him, but He did not die, He speaks of that same person capable of containing Allah in its maximum intensity, He did not die in what He was: capable of containing infinite love, Allah. This is the most important thing for us, because that, that proof of extreme love, validated our Man Nature completely as capable of containing God in some intensity. And it is true, when the prophet speaks that he is not a son, in the sense that he is not another God; he is a son in creation and he is a son in that He is the only one capable of containing the Holy Spirit in its maximum intensity; the same Essence of God that you, in your capacity, may have felt in your interior. And Allah showed the most important thing to Mohammed, albeit in a veiled manner to keep our paths separate, for we are different from before our first death, though we are all brothers.  And in spite of everything, He left it written to you: He is not born of man, nor does he die, making him different from every man, whether holy or prophet, both here and in the first creation, in heaven; and making him different for you only apparently from what He left written to us Christians. On the other hand, when it says (Sura 4, 157s): «… but they did not kill him or crucify him, but it seemed so to them… Allah raised him up to Himself», what does He really mean? That it seemed to the world that they were doing it, that is to say, it seemed so to the eye, but it was not so? As I have said before, it speaks of the Being of Jesus Christ, the Essence of God who keeps within himself that when he dies loving, he does not lose it, he does not die in what he is. From what I have seen, the prophet Mohammed has a direct way of speaking. Because even the prophets, even with the Holy Spirit inside or moved by Allah, retain their own style of expression. What I have seen in the Holy Quran is that it does not usually speak this way: it seemed to them that they did, but not… Moreover, it almost always speaks from the reality of the world for from there, from where we are all, to reach Allah. I believe rather that Mohammed moved by Allah wrote this Sura in this way making Christians and Muslims coincide, although keeping us separated apparently for our own good. As the Quran and the Bible do not always lie, they only adapt to our understanding. To think that it speaks of the NOT death of Being, is much more direct, realistic, and, moreover, coincidental than to think that it seemed that he was crucified as a man, but they did not. To finish studying this Sura, I would say that at least in Spanish (I don’t know in Arabic), the words «elevated him to Himself» have a connotation of assimilation, as of ‘entering into him’, not only of elevating or bringing him in. Well, perhaps it is not the same in other languages, the Spanish translation, after all, is an interpretation of the Quran.

I do not speak for myself; in the essay you have seen what was hidden in the Scriptures for thousands of years and is now clearly revealed. Everything makes perfect sense. That broken oath or that forbidden apple that bit itself, represent the same thing. Thus, Eve represents those who were convinced by Iblis (who was the first infidel, Sura 2,34) in heaven. And Adam to those who let themselves be convinced by the love of Eve. In Adam, betrayal is not given for greed or haughtiness, but for love; even so, there is betrayal. The Adam’s are those who have their ears open to Allah, God, both in your faith and in Christian and other faiths. The Eve are the deaf, the infidels referred to by Mohammed. Thus, the prophet does not contradict himself when he foretells a good end to those who do well and follow the Scriptures and the Gospel. For these are not the unfaithful, but those who have closed their ears to God in righteousness for having heard Iblis in heaven. Even if they wish they could not hear here, they can only hear Iblis as it happened in heaven. These are the infidels, those who say that they believe (before at least, now, not even that) but then it is a lie Sura 2,8-14. Surely there will be some deaf person in your family, in almost all of them, according to the Scriptures. Although they cannot listen to Allah, they can see Him in believers when they observe their way of life. In the world, Eve can be converted through Adam, as the reverse happened in heaven (righteousness).

However, apart from these, it is also written in the Bible that all will be converted (the lion will graze with the lamb). Their ears will be opened. Your deaf and ours and those of other faiths, which in the end are the same, will come to hear; I suppose yours under the Muslim way and ours under the Christian way, for both ways, guided by love and mercy, come to Allah, to God. Of course, it does not mean that Christians will become Muslims or that Muslims will become Christians, that will never happen except in a few cases of converts from one side or the other (or from other religions). It means that the deaf will listen, and this is going to happen soon. And all this will happen because that which has been revealed is visible also for the sake of the world; which is the only thing that fools can understand. Or do you think everyone will convert to Islam? You know that won’t happen, because Christians, like you, feel Allah, God within us. So, you think the solution is to kill non-Muslims? If that were Allah’s wish, He would have made you the strongest nation in the world to fulfill His will; but, of the order of 100 times the United States, although not 100 times the United States could kill all Muslims if that was their intention, neither could they kill all Christians if they tried. You may think: Well, but if Allah wanted it to be done, and, yes, of course; He could do it Himself with just a blink of an eye.  But He won’t do it because it’s not like some of you think. He is merciful, He loves us and He wants to save us all from love, that is, from freedom (not as slaves), for it would be very easy for Him to make us slaves. Moreover, let us not forget that He has set those parallel paths in the right direction to reach Him. And in that impossible idea, of the whole Muslim world, don’t you see that even within those of you who call yourselves Muslims, there are many who don’t live as such? It is not enough to say ‘I am a Muslim’, nor is it enough to say ‘I am a Christian’. What is said of the deaf is also fulfilled in your nation. But Allah, God, is not hidden anything, then the prophecy would never be fulfilled. It is finally the healing of that deafness of each one of our nations that is prophesied; and it will not be done by any violence, on the contrary, because the world will be filled with knowledge of the Lord.

Well, as I said, your faith is good; you did not need one like me to confirm it to you, of course. But I do inform you that it is love and mercy that will bring you to the gardens; it is nothing else. I also tell you to open your minds to Jesus Christ. You must know that thanks to him the sin of betrayal from heaven was taken away from us. God through the person of Christ, who keeps the exact Essence of God within, or remains at the source of that Essence of God, if you see it better, saves us by validating Man Nature completely. To the Christians we were told: There is a great mystery, there is only one God in three persons; and when we think we are left with our mouth open. You have been told that Christ is not born of man, nor does He die, making Him different from all mankind; and thinking perhaps you have remained with your mouth open. Well, the fact that you and I can feel God in our innermost depths makes everything clear to us. It is not a heresy to say that you can feel Allah in you and another also and at the same time affirm that Allah is only one. But we could never contain Infinite Allah within us, we would burst. However, we can keep the Holy Spirit, which is Allah, God, in some intensity; just as water vapor is water and they are not in the same form. Just as the Holy Spirit makes you different, He makes Himself one with you, He allows you to live with happiness the sufferings of the world, and yet, changed, you are still you, and there is only one God. Remember that Mohammed was revealed the sanctity and excellence of Jerusalem, so that he prayed looking there, then you changed the direction to Mecca. Everything makes sense. In Jerusalem there is the act of infinite love of the cross, that which validates all humanity, that cross in which the demons (infidels), who guided the Romans (infidels then) and Jews, believed to kill the person of Christ as capable of containing God. They thought they were crucifying this person and with him Allah’s project to save us in man Nature. But it was not because Christ did not die as a person able to contain God. He died his body loving and forgiving, and in that love, he kept the infinite love of the Holy Spirit and made the rest of our bodies together with our souls (man nature) capable of the Holy Spirit. You must know that for us the Holy Spirit is not the Archangel Gabriel, but God Himself among us, or rather within us; He who gives you grace and transmits tranquility or Sakina overcoming the sufferings of the world.

If I tell you that I believe that your faith, well lived, also leads to Allah, and that Mohammed was sent by Him, it is because I really think so. It is not out of fear that some of the false Muslims may kill me for what I have discovered and I cannot remain silent. I know that the one who dies forgiving for love goes headlong to heaven, in the same way that the one who kills hates, and goes headlong to hell if there is no repentance. Many doors would open to me if I died for God’s sake (in love, let’s not get confused) because I’m no saint.

The Jews who had Christ crucified also thought they were doing well. That’s what the devil does, who is a liar and only wants our condemnation. But there is one thing he cannot hide: his hatred. If there is hatred, we know for sure that it comes from him. The Jews forgot that God waits patiently because He wants to save us all, even though He is bound by the justice that is part of Him. He is the One who Is and cannot be denied. That is why fools could not hear except by living the experience of some Adam; just as these reached death for the Eve, in the world it happens the other way around, and it will continue to happen for a little while. Be careful and prepare your hearts for what is to come, for it is written that we will all unite in the Lord; at last the deaf will also listen. There is not much left for this, I believe that anyone can perceive this. And it will never be because everyone becomes Muslim or of another religion, because if one has felt God living his faith, he will never abandon it. This prophecy refers to the cure of deafness, of the Eve, of all those who cannot hear God in any of His ways; of the infidels to GOD (One, let us each call Him as we have been taught). Or do you not believe that the prophecies will be fulfilled? Yes, and they will be fulfilled according to the standards of the world, at least those that are made to be fulfilled before the next end of the world.

Finally, I will put some aleyas in which it is confirmed that Mohammed calls infidels to those who do not believe in Allah, God (the deaf), not those who believe in Allah, God, from the Christian religion; this is almost always so except in some case that highlights a quality badly lived of these. The Quran does not change or contradict itself, as some claim. We change men and our environment. Thus, as I say, in different aleyas it affirms, that the scriptures and the Gospel are source of light and the Christians, Jews and sabeos ? who believe in God and do good do not have to fear and will not be sad (Sura 5,69). In others, he calls infidels the Jews who did not believe in the Gospel, nor Jesus, as confirmation of what they had received in the Scriptures through the mouths of the prophets sent by God, whom they also killed, and thus break the covenant that God made with them (Sura 2,87-90). Also those who follow the idols of the world, those who take as god money, power, sex … who make these idols their gods to whom to pay homage equal to Allah. He also calls infidels to the apostates of the Muslim faith, those who after knowing it refused it.

Continuing with self-defense, another proof of many that the prophet always speaks of self-defense we see in these Suras:

Sura 2,82. You will see that the most hostile to believers are the Jews and the associators, and that the most friends of believers are those who say: «We are Christians». There are priests and monks among them and they are not arrogant.

Sura 5:12. God made a covenant with the Sons of Israel. From among them we raised up twelve leaders. And God said, «I am with you. If you do the azalah, give the azaque, believe in My envoys and help them, if you make a generous loan to God, I will erase your evil deeds and introduce you into gardens through whose low streams flow. Whoever of you does not believe after that will have strayed from the right path. 13. For having violated their covenant we have cursed them and hardened their hearts. They alter the meaning of words; they forget part of what was reminded them. You will always discover in them some betrayal, except in a few. Erase their faults, forgive them! God loves those who do good.

Again, he does not proclaim the fight against the Israelites because they are Israelites; the fight is against those who attack the Muslim religion, which does not happen today.

There are others that are clear to mark the separation, the different ways that Allah has given us for our good.

Sura 3,85. If someone desires a religion different from Islam, he will not be accepted and in the next life he will be one of those who lose.

In the Gospel:

Jua 3:16-18. For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  
For God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through him.
He that believeth on him is not judged: but he that believeth not is judged already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Well, in these I believe it refers to those who know the teachings of religion and have lived in their place of origin and reject it, will be «of those who lose» or «are already judged». Why is that? Because in that case they belong to the Eves or the Deaf. Allah has not chosen us for the country in which we are born. Nor has He brought us together all those who listen in Europe or in the Middle East and Africa, being as I said that in every family even the deaf and those who listen are mixed up. How is anyone who has not received the Christian faith going to believe in Jesus Christ? Or how can anyone who has not received the Quran even desire Islam? (no longer a different one, not even the same Islam). However, only a Muslim who knows Islam can desire a different one (speaking of Sura 3,85). Again it speaks of the deaf, apostates and so on: the infidels. God is just and everything makes sense.

I am not writing this to tell you, Olé! Well, we are now little friends. Because the infidels should not be attacked either. The prophet says that they will be paid for their actions after this life. As I said, the struggle of the Muslim is declared as a defense of the Muslim faith, of that which seeks to separate you from the faith. Today no one but the devil fights against the Muslim religion, only false Muslims join the demon to attack other religions, because deceived by him have become his hitmen, but whoever is deceived sooner or later will pay. Thus, today, the true Jihad, not the false Jihad of the false Muslim, is our active fight against the devil; our weapons are prayer, almsgiving, fasting, pilgrimages to holy places; this is the fight that we Christians also have against the devil, it could not be otherwise. For you, the weapons are the five pillars; for us it changes a little bit more. Our fasts are every Friday and during Lent (40 days). There are those who don’t eat anything except at night and in the early hours of the morning, but the majority of practicing Christians fast from eating meat, as well as taking away something they like (television, computer, …). We are not so different. Indeed, we are not called to be friends, but to something else: true brothers, and to share God within us. Brotherhood is a greater degree than friendship, for it is true that a brother does not need to have fun or entertain himself with another brother, or share friends; some do not even live in the same city. However, a brother is always there for the important. In fact, what can most separate brothers is that some belong to the deaf and others to those who listen; and this is the true brotherhood, the one I speak of, the one that encompasses those of us who listen to all religions guided by love and mercy, those of us who seek God, Allah.

In truth, what is really different from the Holy Qur’an is in the norms demanded of your community, which are different from ours. As I said, some norms are proofs for us, others help against the devil. Our freedom is tested in this world. The will that we have to follow God, our fidelity. The norms are different because we are different from the beginning, from heaven, and Allah tests us with what we can (perhaps also according to the intensity of our sin up there). In the same way that a school exam is different for a 7 year old than for a 9 year old; but what underlies it, mercy and love is at the heart of both religions. This is what is important, and this is what will allow us to live the Sakina. What the Qur’an of Jesus says, in the sense that I have already explained, does not contradict the truth about Him. And more like another differentiation to separate our paths for our own good. Another one of those notices to separate our ways that are the walls that contain the different classrooms of the school, are the norms that prevent one from making a mistake of class and going to another where, either one will not understand, or, by taking it as known, will not be filled with wisdom, with the Holy Spirit, because our person is tested in love, in the measure of our own person. But it is already close to ringing the school bell and we can still unite to play a little in the courtyard, each one conscious of what he knows but all in the same school, guided by the same director, taught in the same direction: love and mercy.

For the last time I say it: In this essay I have shown irrefutable proofs that demonstrate the existence of God, that the original sin was personal to each one of us in heaven and that Jesus Christ saves us from that sin in the validation of Man Nature. And they are not proofs of faith, which can be believed or not believed according to your religion, they are proofs for fools, proofs of the world and reason. I have shown how in the Bible seven different parallel paths are distinguished in the right direction, one of them Islam, as I have been able to deduce. And I have shown how Christ redeems all Man Nature, for our sin that led us to the first death and brought each of us out of heaven, out of the garden. This redemption or validation is what allows us to house God, Allah within us. And we achieve it by following one of the 7 paths guided by love and mercy. Even one who does not follow any of these paths can be saved by loving, even though he cannot live or feel the Sakina or the Holy Spirit within him here on earth; he needs faith in God, who is your first pillar, or to live the Christian creed for me who am a Christian, for there is only one God. And not only to mention it but to believe it.

God has given us a great gift; it comes with an instruction book and a cork package to protect it. Some have opened the gift box, have seen the quick installation manual and have not delved into it, so they have not understood anything and have remained looking for a use for the cork packaging. Others, have taken the gift, but imprisoned by the cork packages of which they do not want to separate because seeing that the first ones take care of them with so much eagerness, they imagine they must be very important. Finally, there are those who have discarded the packaging and opened the gift.

Well, the packages to protect the gift are the aleyas that protected Islam, when it was arriving, it was being implanted in the nation to which it was sent. They were important for the time when the Muslim religion was in danger of not settling down, at the time of the wars for religion; at the time when those with fluent speech and great culture could attract many to a path that is very difficult for you to follow. Today, I insist, no one attacks Islam for reasons of faith. Allah does not change, men change. Those who have kept the packaging are the false Muslims who have kept the superficial and now useless. Those who have seen the Qur’an from the mercy and compassion of Allah, but keep those protective verses as if they were Allah’s desire for us to hate and fight each other, cannot understand the rest of the Qur’an as a reflection and work of someone Merciful and compassionate; for the one interferes with the other. These, though well-intentioned, cannot really understand their own religion. Finally there are those who have discarded the packaging and opened the gift. They have found Love and mercy; they have found a machine with propellers to fly and reach Allah. Norms that help to be merciful to one’s neighbor and to love; that are a test for freedom and striving (though gratifying) steps to reach Allah.

Everything moves like a millimetre-measured gear, all to the measure of reason. To believe that Christ (our brother in the created part), has saved us from our sin in Heaven, that is, from the first death which could have been definitive, must not be contrary to your faith, even as I believe that Mohammed was sent by God to your nation and I continue to be a Christian. You should read it if you haven’t read «3. Justice and Redemption in Christ p.107″.